How We Work

How We Work

Thinking – When we meet with a new client, we spend time listening to our clients story and thinking about how best we can support them. We want to understand the history, context and background and challenges facing them.

Learning – We use our experience to shape the solutions we offer our clients. We are constantly learning about new, better ways of doing things, and are keen to share industry trends with our clients so they are in the strongest position they can be in.

Doing – We have a robust structure of delivery in place across all our services. This means that we can start doing the work quickly and efficiently, keeping costs competitive and work progressed effectively.

Sharing – We believe knowledge is power. We are keen to share our experiences with our team, clients and communities.

Connecting – Our network of clients and associates are connected in their desire to change the world, we encourage partnerships wherever there is an opportunity for this. Partnerships can be powerful tools in todays funding landscape.

Below is an example of a typical client journey with MPC:

We act as informal executive Coaches to a number of our clients who are receiving long term support from us. We are proud to be considered as a key part of the Senior Management team of these particular clients, we feel this is an important part of our added value.