The boy in this story is our dedicated charity worker, who every day goes to work to make a positive difference for his cause, he does this to make the world a little brighter and easier than it was before.

The walk along the beach is sometimes beautiful but can be tiring; the tide brings in more starfish every day, the action of picking them up and helping them back into the sea is relentless.

Miles Phillips Consulting is a team of six people who have worked within the charitable sector for over 60 years between them and have all experienced the walk along the beach.

We ensure that there are more people to help the starfish on their journeys back to the ocean, that lack of resources and money should not stop charities helping those in need.

Our Team

Everyone can create positive change; our team believes this is especially true when talking about addressing massive social problems like tackling child poverty or finding a cure for cancer.  We have chosen the Starfish as the basis for our company identity as it helps us to remember this story.  We might not be able to change the entire world, but at least we can change a small part of it, for someone.

In 2005, Marsha joined South Somerset Mind and spent the next eight years progressing through the organisation finishing as CEO before starting Marsha Miles Consultancy.  She is driven by the need to enrich the world, nurturing the potential in others so that people and communities can realise their potential too.

Jane joined the charity sector, in 1997, and has hands-on experience in every area of fundraising.  Her MBA adds strength to her experience.  She gets the greatest job satisfaction knowing she is making a difference.

Together with the other associates in our team, it is our mission to secure as much funding as we can, helping improve longer term sustainability to VCSE organisations so they can develop and increase their provision of services and interventions.

We do this by:

  • Advising our clients on their current fundraising activities and strategies
  • Delivering a range of practical hands-on fundraising services
  • Upskilling our clients with fundraising training, mentoring and coaching.

Recent clients we have worked with have come from the heritage, arts, health, social care, animal sectors and the NHS.

Our total funds raised in the last two years have just reached the £1.7 million mark!